CAM-ASEAN Chinese Program was first established in CAM-ASEAN international institute in 2016. Initially, Basic Chinese course was offered to any student who wished to learn basic of Chinese languages (Pinyin, Chinese stroke). In the same year, many students started taking Chinese courses. In accordance, CAM-ASEAN international institute formally established a Department of Chinese, which was officially offered the General Chinese program that Specialty cultivates students to achieve the ability of proficient spoken and writing Chinese language, of abundant knowledge about Chinese language, literature, culture, and society. Graduates are prepared for the exchange and communication work in the business with China and are able to take up advanced study in these areas as well.


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The Chinese Language Specialty aims at training students to achieve the ability for Chinese language application in the various areas where Chinese language is demanded, including, Obtaining proficient spoken and writing ability, being able to undertake general communicate translation job, Possessing fundamental specialty knowledge, comprehending the situation and the culture of China, obtaining knowledge about the society of China, and being able to do any exchange work especially in culture, business and tourism area, Reaching the HSK (International Proficiency, Chinese Language Test) with an intermediate 4 level, Being able to pass the Chinese entrance exam administered by IFL in order to take the bachelor program in Chinese literature, Being able to operate computers in Chinese and holding the method of searching literature, data and other related information with Chinese.

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Chot Sokheng

Head of Chinese