CAM-ASEAN Franchise Information

  • Trade Name: Royal Elite Co., Ltd/CAM-ASEAN
  • Nature of Business: Education
  • Purpose of Business: To Provide Foreign Language Training
  • Package Cost: $50,000 net of tax
  • Security Deposit: $30,000 – refundable upon expiration of the Franchise Agreement with no interest
  • Monthly Service Fee: 5% of the branch’s monthly gross sales
  • Location: Franchisee’s Account
  • Franchise Duration: 5 years
  • Renewable Fee: $25,000

  1. Use of CAM-ASEAN Name and Marks
    • The franchisee is given the privilege to sell CAM-ASEAN services during the duration of the franchisee contract.
  2. Business Operation System
    • The franchisee will use the business operation system developed by CAM-ASEAN to run its branch smoothly and profitably.
    • The business operation system include:
      • Branch operation – furniture, equipment & tools, procedures, products, quality standards,, workplace safety and handling customer complains
      • Branch accounting – daily sales report, P&L statement format
    • Initial training of franchisee’s prospective personnel and the franchisee is free of charge; additional training of the franchisee’s personnel is for the franchisee’s account.
  3. Marketing Support
    • Marketing tools, including social media post, website post, flyers, banner stands are provided for free to the franchisee before opening.
    • Marketing tools, including social media post, website post, flyers, banner stands are provided for free to the franchisee before opening.
    • Design consultancy and conceptualization for customized marketing stuffs are for free. However, additional and customized marketing staff are for franchisee’s account.
  4. Operational and Technical Support
    • In line with our never-ending drive to provide our customers with highest possible quality products and services, regular and periodic branch quality compliance audits are conducted by well-trained CAM-ASEAN supervisors.
    • Not only CAM-ASEAN supervisors do quality audits, they also determine the specific needs of each branch and address problems that may arise from day to day operations.
    • CAM-ASEAN continuous research and development efforts aims to upgrade and to improve both the products and CAM-ASEAN business.
  • To control the quality of the products, all inventories are purchased from franchisors’ suppliers.
  • These inventories include both teaching and learning materials.
  • Inventories purchased are for franchisee’s account and paid with a 7 day period on the same day the order is picked up.
  • Franchise agreement between CAM-ASEAN and its franchisee is valid for a period of five years upon signing of contract.
  • Franchisee may renew the agreement upon mutual agreement with the franchisor on the same terms and conditions as the first contract.
  • Franchisor reserves the right to terminate a franchise agreement before expiration should the franchisee is found to be in violation of the stipulations of the Franchise Agreement.
  • Cost of site improvements and renovations.
  • Site security deposits, rentals and other advance payments.
  • Cost of business/government permits & licenses.
  • Training allowance or salary of prospective crews.
  • Utilities – electricity/power, water, etc..
  1. Submit application online:
    • Franchise Application Form with 2pcs 4*6 picture
    • Sketch map of proposed branch location
    • Letter of Intent (indicates the complete address of the target site)
  2. Upon submission, there will be a one-on-one Interview with Franchise Officer.
  3. Applicant will then receive a feedback if the application has been approved or disapproved within ten (10) days from submission of franchise application.
  4. If approved, the applicant will then be oriented and will be required to conduct a foot traffic assessment of the propose space.
  5. Franchise applicant will be given a maximum of (14) days to submit the site evaluation report. The submitted site evaluation report will then be evaluated and verified.
  6. On the 14th day, the following documents will be submitted together with the site evaluation report:
    • Tax Certificate
    • Police Clearance
    • Authority to check bank account
    • Processing fee of $3,000
  7. Review and Signing Agreement.
  8. Payment of 50% franchise fee.
  9. Training/Orientation on Branch Operations of both franchisees and their prospective crews.
  10. Full payment of franchise fee, security deposit and initial stocks:
    • $3,000 processing fee is deductible from the total franchise package cost; but is non-refundable in the event that the application is not granted by the company for whatever reasons.
  11. Grand opening of franchise branch.