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CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program (YLP) is specially designed for students aged from 6 to 12. The duration the program is 12 terms (2 years and 6 months). Based on the fact that social advancement needs a solid education as its foundation, we have focused this program on the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics. This program is developed in accordance with the CEFR mapping, from A1 to B1. Plus, it helps preparing students for the international test (Cambridge Exam). Upon completion of the program, students will be issued an internationally-recognized certificate.


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You have made a wise decision in choosing the CAM-ASEAN Young Learner Program for your child. Based on the fact that all advancement in society needs a solid education as its foundation, we focused this program on English skills--The four macro skills are reading, listening, writing, and speaking. Our purpose is to help your use English language properly in any context. Besides, we also integrate the STEM fields—Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics into our well-rounded program so that once they graduate from our program, not only do they master the language skills at an international standard, but the STEAM knowledge needed for their future education in the 21st Century. Upon completion of the program, our students will be perfectly ready to sit for the CAMBRIDGE English Exam (PET) to get the internationally recognized certificate issued by University of CAMBRIDGE.

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Hul Chansoriya

Head of YLP