English Program

CAM-ASEAN’s English Programs offer a variety of extra-curricular activities to students. Students can choose to take part in our dynamic and intensive study clubs that focus on all language skills, or they can opt for more challenging activities such as Public Speaking, Debate, and Research Writing. They can also join our Exam Preparation activities where all essential information about standardized test is available.

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Roadmap GEP

Roadmap BEP

Teachers’ Experience

Teaching at CAM-ASEAN has been an enjoyable and rewarding experience. My students are my motivation. I want nothing more than to share my knowledge and experience with people, and CAM-ASEAN students want to learn and experience as much as possible. The reason CAM-ASEAN is the best school for me is that the school prioritizes technology in learning and values the relationships between the students and the teacher. CAM-ASEAN online learning makes learning convenient and means we can learn in the class and outside of the class.  Learning isn’t about memorization. It’s about connection, communication, and sharing. Technology is a tool of the future and it is what makes these connections possible. I have made my home in Cambodia and CAM-ASEAN. I hope to continue to grow and share with my students. (Zachary Camarillo)

Students’ Experience

Tracing back to the past two years, I was very poor in English. To be candid, I had been learning English with many different schools, yet my proficiency remained impoverished. Fortunately, my friends recommended me to come and experience learning English here at CAM-ASEAN. It was a great turning point of my English learning journey. English speaking environment, tech classroom and experienced teachers have helped me step up quickly in developing a good command of this language with the big support of CAM-ASEAN E-learning platform. Overall, beyond this affirmation, my result speaks for itself. (Eung Soklin)