The biggest new program, The Perspectives Cambodia, a debate and public speak ing platform for youth to thoughtfully express their different views on various social issues, created by a group of scholars from diverse institutions, 2016.
Recently, it accomplished the first milestone named “The Public Speaking and Debating Competition” on June 22, 2017 at ITC. It aims at building youth’s ability and reveals diverse perspectives towards the development of the world especially Cambodia.

Ms. Sriv Sorakphy, Champion (Debate) & Mr. Seang Sopagna, President of CAM-ASEAN

Given topics are various from political to social is-sues, and from economic to environmental matters. Cultural aspects and team building modes inserted.

This program is opened to all Cambodian candidates whose age is between 18 and 25 years old. Hence, there were many applied from institutions.
With that, there were 16 candidates registered for the program from CAM-ASEAN. All candidates had gone through many stages including interview test, a camping in Preah Vihear, an orientation and training on debating skills and public speaking skill. From one state to another, some of candidates were eliminated in an interview test while the successful

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