Our Facility

Our Campus

CAM-ASEAN has two campuses opposite to each other. Each campus is equipped with modern facilities and offers an environment that is conducive to students’ learning. 


Our classroom is equipped with air-conditioning, has sufficient lighting, and has good hygiene. The main functions are for instructional activities and some extracurricular activities.

Language LAB

Our language lab is equipped with computers to assist students in doing online study and searching for useful learning materials. Students can also benefit from our e-library and suggested websites.

Student Lounge

Students can do self-study, group work, or consultation with teachers in our Student Lounge. It is a multi-purpose area that allows room for many useful activities.

Consulting Room

Our consulting room is used for one-to-one consultation or group consultations between teachers and students. Individualized feedback helps our students deal with their learning challenges.

Teacher's Room

During off-duty hours, our teachers can relax and have conversations with their colleagues in our faculty room. They also share insights on their best practices and discuss common challenges and issues. Professional development materials are also available for our teachers to enrich their understanding and enhance their teaching practices.

Meeting Room

Teamwork is one of our core values. Our meeting room is where collaboration takes place through joint dialogue and respectful exchange of ideas. Our management team, teachers, and even students can use this room for serious discussions or work on various projects.


Our canteen offers quality foods and drinks with acceptable prices. Students can experience a relaxing atmosphere at our canteen.